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Sebastian Stichel new director of KTH Railway Group

Published May 10, 2011

After 15 years as director of KTH Railway Group, Stefan Östlund now draws back and is replaced by Sebastian Stichel. Thomas Johansson has interviewed both of them.

Sebastian Stichel
Sebastian Stichel, new director

What has been most positive during the years?

- There are many different events that all in their own way are nice to look back at, a successful seminar, a good defense, a successful day at Nordic Rail, exemplifies Stefan Östlund.

He adds that it requires constant inspiration for running such a loose organization such as this. Now it is natural that new forces are taking over. As dean of the school of Electrical Engineering at KTH, we sense that Stefan Östlund will have many exciting tasks also in the future.

Sebastian Stichel is a professor of rail vehicle dynamics at the division of Rail Vehicles at the department of Vehicle and Aeronautical Engineering at KTH. He has also worked ten years at Bombardier Transportation.

- In view of the Railway Group's large balance of skills and importance it should not only be a strong voice at KTH, but also outwards, so that the benefits of the railway can be highlighted, says Sebastian Stichel, who is convinced that, for environmental reasons, more railway traffic and tracks are needed.