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Railway education at KTH

The railway industry needs a variety of specialists with all possible skills. At KTH, rail-oriented courses are offered in a number of Bachelor and Master programmes. These courses are also offered as individual courses. Further, there is a possibility to become a doctoral student with the opportunity for a licentiate or doctoral degree.

Master or Bachelor education

The Master of Science education is provided at KTH Valhallavägen (total 5 years). It includes a Bachelor's degree (3 years) and then a Master's degree (2 years) with focus on railways and railway traffic.

Since 2010, there is also a three-year Bachelor education at KTH Haninge with focus on railway engineering.

Rail-oriented Master/Bachelor at KTH

Doctoral studies (PhD)

At KTH, there is a possibility to become a doctoral student within the areas of Railway Technology, Railway Traffic, Railway Construction and Electric Propulsion Systems.

Rail-oriented doctoral studies at KTH

Commission education

Commission education can be ordered from some of our competence center at KTH. We are offering a specialized education according to your needs and preferences at your place or at KTH.

Rail-oriented commission education at KTH

Individual courses

Individual rail-oriented courses can be taken as optional courses in their existing education at KTH or another university. Alternatively, these courses are available for people in the industry, or generally interested persons who want to increase their skills within railways and railway traffic.

Rail-oriented individual courses at KTH

Contacts - Education

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Traffic and transport

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Track building

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Bridge building

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Electric power system

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