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Rail-oriented doctoral studies at KTH

The academic studies can be continued within a research project at one of our research divisions. The doctoral studies will lead to either a licentiate degree in about two years of research or a doctoral degree after four years of research.

This research can be started either immediately after completion of the undergraduate degree here at KTH or at another university. It can also be carried out after a few years work in the industry.

Railway research at KTH can be carried out in the following areas:

Railway technology

Contact Mats Berg  for further information.

Railway operation

Contact Oskar Fröidh  for further information.

Soil and rock mechanics

Contact Carl Wersäll  for further information.

Structural design and bridges

Contact Raid Karoumi  for further information.

Electrical propulsion systems

Contact Stefan Östlund  for further information.

Systems and component design

Contact Ulf Olofsson  for more information.

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