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Rail-oriented Master/Bachelor

At KTH, it is possible to specialize within the railway area in a number of our master's programmes.

Vehicle and Mechanical Engineering

Within the study programmes Vehicle Engineering , Engineering Physics  or Mechanical Engineering,  you can focus on the vehicle system, with the ability for further specialization in railway traffic systems and rail vehicles.

In the fourth year, the master programme Vehicle Engineering  can be chosen, with a possible specialization in rail vehicles.

You can also choose the master programme Railway Engineering  which is a cooperation with our partner university, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign (UIUC)  in Illinois, and their Railway Centre RailTEC . Within this program you will take some course online at UIUC. The third semester you will be on site in Illinois.

Contact Carlos Casanueva  for further information.

The Built Environment

Within the study programme the Built Environment, you can focus on railway construction or train operation in different forms.

In the fourth year, the master's programme Civil and Architectural Engineering  can be chosen, for specialization in structural design and bridges.

Contact Raid Karoumi  for further information.

There is also a possibility to specialize in the area of railway transport by choosing the master's programme Transport and Geoinformation Technology .

Contact Anders Lindahl  for further information.

Electrical Engineering

Within the study programme Electrical Engineering, you can specialize in electrical systems for railway operation by choosing the master's programme Electric Power Engineering.

Contact Stefan Östlund  for further information.

Bachelor Electrical Engineering at KTH Haninge

In 2010, a three-year Bachelor education in Electrical Engineering started at KTH Haninge. In the third year, it is possible to choose the direction Power Engineering and select courses focusing on electric power or signaling systems for railways.

Contact Anders Lindahl for further information.