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KTH Railway Engineering student selected for the MIRAI exchange program with Japan

Publicerad 2020-02-12

Benjamin Smakic, student at the KTH Railway Engineering master program, has been selected for Japan's Friendship Ties Program MIRAI (Mutual-understanding, Intellectual Relations and Academic Exchange Initiative).

Benjamin Smakic during his visit to the Nordic Rail fair in October 2019

It is a seven-day exchange activity full with lectures and seminars, discussions with Japanese students and researchers, visits to local industries and many technology and research related activities; but also cultural activities related to Japan, such as hands-on experiences on traditional culture and visits to historical sites.

“From a technological perspective is a great opportunity for him, as Japan is arguably the first and foremost country when it comes to their railway system. Their high-speed network, their extremely low delay rates… even if the exchange is not about trains it just made sense!” said Carlos Casanueva, program responsible.

Benjamin also had some words about the decision: “I didn’t think I would be selected; this is so incredibly exciting! One of the objectives of MIRAI is also to spread our activities in social media, so you will see more about my trip. Maybe I can even prepare a seminar afterwards.”

From KTH Railway Group we hope that you enjoy the experience and get the most out of it!

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